Behind the knife Podcast: 7 Habits for Highly Effective Surgery Communication with Dr. Gretchen Schwarze

On this episode we are joined by Dr. Gretchen Schwarze, Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Dr. Schwarze is an expert in surgical decision making, informed consent, advance directives, and end-of-life care, and in this episode we pick her brain for practical tips on how to talk to patients about surgery and end of life decisions.  Tune in to hear Dr. Schwarze’s 7 Habits for Highly Effective Surgery Communication, created just for Behind the Knife.  


1.     Be clear about the goal
2.     Stay away from anatomy and physiology
3.     Remember the downsides of surgery are more than just complications
4.     Help patients to anticipate and prepare
5.     Ask people about their hopes and fears
6.     Make a recommendation and show your work
7.     Attend to emotion



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