GeriPal Podcast: Advance Care Planning before Major Surgery

Dr. Schwarze was a guest on the GeriPal Podcast to discuss advance care planning before major surgery. Check out the episode using the player below or on the GeriPal Website!




New York Times: The Elderly Are Getting Complex Surgeries. Often It Doesn’t End Well.

Dr. Schwarze was interviewed for this article in the New York Times about how surgery in older adults can lead to poor outcomes that may not be anticipated by patients and their family members.

The problem, said Dr. Schwarze, was that “the kind of language we use to explain surgery doesn’t really describe the experience.”

Screenshot of the New York Times story titled "The Elderly Are Getting Complex Surgeries. Often It Doesn't End Well." with a drawing of an elderly man using a walker standing on top of a tree stump with a scalpel blade cutting into the tree.