ProPublica: The Family Wanted a Do Not Resuscitate Order. The Doctors Didn’t.

Dr. Schwarze was interviewed by Caroline Chen for this ProPublica article. You can read the full article here.

From the article:

The surgeons “expressed significant emotional reaction,” including “betrayal, unhappiness, disappointment,” Schwarze reported. They felt that there was an implicit contract that patients entered into when signing up for surgery. One surgeon put it this way: “There is a commitment made by both the patient and the surgeon to get through the operation, as well as all of the post-operative issues that come up.” While acknowledging that they were being “paternalistic” and contradicting the patient’s directives, several of the surgeons in the study said they would refuse to withdraw life support in Schwarze’s scenario.

A screenshot of the ProPublica article which depicts a cartoon image of m an in a suit holding a clipboard


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